Revisit International Women's Day celebrations through the photos and comments of participants

"I've met female students on this campus who are strong, vibrant, intelligent, and otherwise entirely unique," says Allie Torem. Her project started by asking students on campus a simple question: Who inspires you? Painting portraits of these inspiring colleagues, she tried to capture their expressions and emotions. Through the project, Allie says, she has learned that "supporting our fellow females is uplifting and empowering and it comes back and does wonders for us as individuals."

Caety Kligman's took photos while on study abroad in India and are a testament to the truly international character of the International Women’s Day celebration. Students leave campus to study in countries around the world and encounter different cultures. And yet, as Caety writes, encountering difference also provided space for shared experiences - of exploration, friendship and fun. "We essentially all have fun the same way," she asserts.

Finally, Tasneem Manviwala's pictures explicitly thematize feminist issues of patriarchy, marriage and bodily ideals. Tasneem describes herself as an American/Muslim/Indian/Feminist artist whose goal is to "make people aware of the multiplicity and consequent infidelity of what is known as Truth."

To see Tasneem and Allie's paintings and Caety's photos visit the Art Gallery.