Spotlight on Women

Women's Leadership Council

On the invitation of Provost Thomas Rosenbaum, the Women’s Leadership Council came into being in June 2008. The twelve women faculty representing the divisions and schools who serve on the Council advise in the implementation of the University’s commitment to become the institution of choice for outstanding women scholars in all fields of study. The Council’s charge is to identify impediments to the recruitment and retention of the most highly qualified female academics and to promote policies and practices that will help the University make a sustained effort to address and overcome them.

Michelle LeBeau

Professor LeBeau has recently been named the Arthur and Marian Edelstein Professor. For more information on her publications and work, please visit this website.

Dr. Le Beau’s research focuses on the molecular analysis of the recurring chromosomal abnormalities in human leukemias and lymphomas, correlating specific abnormalities with morphological and clinical features and the development of risk-adapted therapy. Ongoing projects include the molecular cloning of a myeloid leukemia-related gene involved in the –5/del(5q) characteristic of therapy-related acute myeloid leukemia; genetic characterization of murine models recapitulating the genetic mutations in acute myeloid leukemia and identification of secondary, cooperating mutations and genetic pathways to leukemogenesis; and the application of murine models for pre-clinical drug testing and elucidation of the mechanism for the genetic instability characteristic of chromosomal fragile sites.